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Sick African Crew Members Being Unloaded from Ship in Louisiana

I just saw a news report on Facebook that has sent chills down my spine! An African ship has docked in Belle Chasse, LA with sick passengers. One passenger was removed and transferred, but West Jefferson Medical Center says that they are treating three patients.

Doctors have released a statement saying that full precautions were taken in the “unlikely” event that this turns into something. They are expecting four crew members and a river pilot. The CDC and Coast Guard are scheduled to board the ship at some point and it will stay docked in Belle Chasse for the night.

The CDC has released the following statement:

“there is no evidence to suggest that the crew members traveled to, or had any contact with anyone… where Ebola cases are occurring.”  They also state that the chances of the crew members having Ebola are “exceedingly low

Are you kidding me??? This ship, the Marine Phoenix, originated in Africa and made a stop in The Democratic Republic of Congo where they are battling Ebola. It is said that they are showing possible symptoms of Malaria, but if you take a look and compare you will find that Ebola can mimic Malaria.

I find this chilling and upsetting on so many levels I do not know where to begin. For one, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to look at how this thing has spread so rapidly in Liberia, Sierre Leone and Democratic Republic of Congo. People who have taken every precaution have been infected. There is so much conflicting information coming from the alphabet agencies that it is mind-boggling.

Considering the proximity of Belle Chasse and the fact that my husband works in the area I will be watching this one closely. Let’s pray it’s Malaria!


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