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SICK! Father won’t spend time behind bars after admitting to molesting 6-year-old daughter!

There are no words for the incompetence of the court on this…

And this is justice? I understand the mom and kid have bills but this is insulting. I bet dollars to donuts this is one where public outrage blows up and a real Judge must review this and send this scum to jail. Maybe Magistrates should stick to traffic tickets. Did ‘affluenza’ cause him to molest his own daughter, so it’s okay?

In what world when the prosecutor is asking for nine years you give zero when he molested his daughter many, many times?

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From NY Daily News:

Jeremy Schwer, 41, pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony child molesting after he sexually abused his young daughter while she was recovering from a brain tumor in 2013.

While the deputy prosecutor Courtney Curtis wanted Schwer locked up for at least nine years in prison, the Marion County Superior Court judge sentenced the pedophile to only 12 years of probation.

The light sentencing comes after Schwer’s estranged wife, who filed for divorce, asked the court not to send the creep to prison because she needed financial support for her children, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Schwer was charged in 2015 after his wife called the Indiana Department of Child Services and reported her husband’s despicable acts against his daughter.

This so called Judge should be thrown off the bench for sheer stupidity!! An excellent example of our totally broken judicial system! Pathetic! This is the most gruesome crime and he should be punished severely. But hey, we need room in prisons for DUI’s and other important things, right?

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I have never seen a state such as this one…. no protection for children. Look, I understand the mother’s need for financial help … But to let this monster walk amongst the population in his current state is wrong, he needs face his worst nightmare in prison, daily and on the half hour.

I was able to get the judge’s information

Rubick, Hon. Steven J.
State of Indiana Superior Court, Marion County
200 E. Washington St., #T-1221
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phones: (317) 327-4747 Fax: (317) 327-3844

Call or write the judge.

h/t – Indianapolis Star

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