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Sit Down & Talk Right: FAST& FURIOUS (Food & Feminists)

As usual this week we picked topics that were easy to mock. Our philosophy is to point out the absurd and openly mock the left’s ignorance in hopes that other conservatives can be encouraged and laugh instead of cry.

We start out with some discussion about the Fast Food Workers strike and why it is ridiculous. Pol goes on strike and Angie tends to laugh a lot.

We touch on a lot of furious feminists: Amanda Marcotte, Sally Kohn, and a new twitter favorite of ours Charles Clymer.
We introduced a new segment we call the “Chum Bucket”, where we point out articles, statements, or tweets made by those on the left that are usually made up of trash (example Debbie Wasserman Shultz backhand comment regarding Walker). They always throw out these things hoping to attract more sharks and cause some damage.

As always we end the show with the HashTag Hodgepodge and you can view those tweets here.

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