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Sit Down & Talk Right : LIBERAL CONTAGION

Sit Down & Talk Right : LIBERAL CONTAGION

This week we discussed the tactics the left uses to spread the liberal ideology.

It is much like a virus only rather than our immune system it attacks freedom and common sense.

We discuss many topics: Ebola, abortion, the liberal method of redefining words, and the poor jobs numbers. Somehow we fit in a lot of laughs with those pretty serious subjects!

As always we end with the Hashtag Hodgepodge where we poked fun at one of our favorites: Charles Clymer and his skin-tight Pink Hillary Shirt with #ClymerNightmare

You can find the Hashtag Hodgepodge and most other tweets mentioned on the show at:

Please note: During the show we did not communicate clearly that Sierra Leone is in Africa, the last dose of Zmapp was going to Norway as the infected woman is there, but was infected in Africa. We apologize for this miscommunication, but sometimes on live radio our wires get mixed up and our communication was not clear.

Be sure to catch us next week! We are on Every Tuesday night at 10pm (eastern)

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