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Sit Down & Talk Right Night Of The Lepus: Guest Sam Janney

This week we had WAAR’s own Sam Janney who hosts Politibunny on the attack every Thursday night on WAAR on the show with us.

We talked about the #MenFor Choice Hashtag and of course when mentioning Men behaving like rabid feminists we mentioned our favorite rabid liberal in the ChumBucketTweet™. We also talked about Liberal trolls and methods they use to seem like a majority rather than a minority and used the #StopRush campaign as the example.

The 2nd half of show we talked about legalizing marijuana and Taco Bell® code words. As always we end with the Hash Tag Hodgepodge. There were lots of laughs and we had a lot of fun. We hope you do too.

You can find the Hashtag Hodgepodge and most other tweets mentioned on the show at:


Be sure to catch us next week!

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