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Sit Down & Talk Right: Night Of The Voting Dead

This week we had a Halloween themed show. We talked about voter ID and dead people voting. We made some jokes about the train wreck known as the Wendy Davis Campaign. We discussed the Democrat Party cannibalism and how they are eating their own as we close in on Election day.

Of course there were a lot of jokes and laughs and as always we end with the Hashtag Hodgepodge. We teamed up to create this tag Monday night and it trended in the US for several hours. It was a lot of fun. Check out: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions

You can find the Hashtag Hodgepodge and most other tweets mentioned on the show at:

We are off next week, but WAARadio will have exclusive election night coverage. Be sure to tune in. We return the following week in our regular time slot at 10 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 11th.

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