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This week we had a lot of fun. We are really excited to let everyone know Politibunny on the Attack (Sam Janney) is now on Tuesday nights right before us. We played off the idea that together we’re a FORCE against liberals & this led to our fun “Star Waars” promotion.

We stick with the Star Waars theme Celebrating like the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi as we discussed the GOP take down of the Sith ( aka: the Democrat Party) in the elections. We also talk Obamacare, The Emperor, and the supposed “Party of Old men”.

As always we end with the Hashtag Hodgepodge. This week Clay created the Hashtag #GOPwavemovies to remind Obama about the gains the GOP made in the elections. You can find the Hashtag Hodgepodge and most other tweets mentioned on the show at:

Be sure to catch us next week as THE FORCE CONTINUES:
Politibunny at 9 pm (est) followed by Sit Down & Talk Right at 10!

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