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Sit Down & Talk Right, The Man With The Golden Mug: Exjon Gabriel

This week we had our 1st guest on the show, and we figured we should shoot BIG. We had Jon Gabriel, editor of, and undisputed king of stuff. It was a lot of fun.

We start with Pol thinking he is being replaced and threatens to pack his bags. Fake quitting seems to be becoming a habit of his. We talk about @Exjon’s famous avi, how he got into twitter, as well as feminists, candy corn, Climate March, Flood Wall Street, The Syrian War that is not a war, and ended with the Hashtag #SDATRAskExJonAnything where we asked him questions our viewers had tweeted. They were all quite serious… (not really)

You can find more Jon Gabriel “stuff” at:

You can find the questions and most tweets mentioned on the show at:

Be sure to catch us next week when we have a special guest is “hopping” in  to join us for the 1st half of the show.

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