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Sit Down & Talk Right: THE MATRIX: UNRAVELED

Sit Down & Talk Right : THE MATRIX: UNRAVELED

This week we got to poke a little fun at the many failures of Obamacare, as well the Jonathan Gruber videos that have been floating around the internet, where he is calling American Voters stupid. We talked about a few of the states having notable issues with their exchanges.

We hit a few odd topics regarding the Kardashians and Pol being really cold and then ran into a subject we can only refer to as “Magical”. You have to listen to even begin to comprehend how insane the left can be when it comes to trying to paint people as racists.

As always we end with the Hashtag Hodgepodge. This week we created the Hashtag #PenUsesForPOTUS poking a little fun as various tweeters, including Sally Kohn, who want us to send pens to POTUS to support him in a VETO of the Keystone Pipeline.

You can find the Hashtag Hodgepodge and most other tweets mentioned on the show at:

Thanks for listening!

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