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Snowflake Colleges Feared Trump Election So They Banned American Flags

Liberal colleges banned the U.S. flag after Donald Trump won the election because their feelings are hurt. Can you believe that?

And we wonder why those coming out of college are so dumb (many of them anyway)? Look what they are teaching. If this college gets federal funding, stop it now! Let them depend on endowments from their liberal friends – they won’t be open long.

The doors of any college that does something like this should be closed until further notice!

From National Post:

He campaigned on a promise to end political correctness and bring pride back to the United States.

And yet in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, American universities have taken political correctness to the extreme — with one removing the U.S. flag from their campus, and another speaking out against a “party in the USA” themed celebration, in case students were offended.

Trump’s campaign and his surprise victory has undoubtedly energized extreme elements. The Southern Poverty Law Center said that it has received over 700 reports of hate crimes since the election, with 40 per cent of them in schools and universities.

But on the other end of the spectrum, American educational establishments have found themselves being ridiculed.

Last week the president of Hampshire College, a small school in Massachusetts, announced that the American flag was being removed from campus, in a bid to calm tensions.

The day after the election students began calling for the removal of the Stars and Stripes from their campus, saying it was a symbol of racism and hatred. It was lowered that night, and then a day later someone set fire to it. The flag was replaced, but the college board announced that it would be flown at half-mast, “to acknowledge the grief and pain experienced by so many.”

But veterans said it made a mockery of the tradition of flying a flag at half-mast to symbolize mourning.

If you don’t want to fly the American flag on your campus, then the college can no longer be called an “American College.”

If these are taxpayer funded universities, they need to have a very hefty fine and pay us back for their ignorance and disrespect. We certainly don’t want our hard earned tax withholdings given to these supposedly educated administrators who take it upon themselves to talk to the very people who pay them.

Scary to think that a higher education facility would be teaching future leaders of the world to disrepect the foundation of their freedom, because they do not like the outcome of a democratic election.

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