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Social Conservatives Mobilize In France

Many people are aware of the strength and growth of the tea party in the United States but the tea party has a presence in other countries as well. Most recently, the movement is rising in France.

A political backlash against both parties has created a strong Tea Party movement in France that is rocking the country’s political landscape. Socialist President François Hollande’s failed economic policies and hard-left social policies are angering those who had never before participated in politics.
Tea Party, à la Française? The answer seems to be, oui oui.

The social conservatives in France are rebelling against policies they strongly disagree with such as same-sex marriage, curriculum geared towards gender stereotypes and abortion. There is no primary system in France as there is here in the United States so there is less opportunity in that regard to affect leadership. Despite big government being a large focus for tea party groups here in America, in France, “big government is still generally considered good government in France, no matter your spot on the political spectrum” according to the Washington Post.

Seeing traditional family values and a stronger moral compass as well as a focus on religion becoming a trend in other countries is definitely encouraging in the conservative realm. Could we eventually see some collaboration among tea party groups internationally? As many of our readers know, Team Ninja frequently travels to tea party rallies across the United States. Might a trip to France be in our future? One can dream…right?

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