Soledad O’Brien To Former RNC Chair: Do Minorities Just Not Like You?

O’Brien read a statement from a Palmetto State RNC delegate and published in the Wall Street Journal in which he laments the fact that the Republican Party’s platform is relatively unknown to minority voters.

“In many ways, we’re at square one,” the delegate told WSJ. “There are large portions of the population — African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, young voters — who simply don’t know us.”


“Is it that they don’t know you? Meaning you as the GOP,” O’Brien asked Martinez. “Or is that they know you and they decided they don’t like you?”

“Look, I think there’s a communication gap and I think that our party has done a poor job reaching out to these particular groups,” replied Martinez.

“I don’t think you change principles, but I think you change the conversation,” Martinez added. “We shouldn’t be talking about protecting the wealthy from raising taxes. We should be talking about a tax code that promotes economic growth, and that lifts all boats.”

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