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Sometimes Republicans Scarborough Chastises Media for Giving Democrats pass on no Budget

Hearing a chuckle or two from his colleagues, Scarborough reacted, “I’m dead serious. Republicans would never be allowed to be this reckless and irresponsible. And the media still is going to keep turning to Republicans and attacking them when Democrats haven’t put out a budget. They refuse to propose any real significant cuts. And they’re just sitting there going, we’re going to wait for the Republicans.”

He went on to note that the president repeatedly puts out his own budget, but fails to get votes from his own Senate Democrats. “Who are these Senate Democrats,” Scarborough asked, “and why does the mainstream media continue to give them a free ride?”


Andrea Mitchell seemed to agree: “It’s a very good question because they could just continue to point to John Boehner and blame everything on the House. But they have taken no responsibility for any kind of fiscal solutions here.”

When Brzezinski was asked her take, she said, “These Republicans need to look at why they got nothing.”

Scarborough took issue: “Wait. Are you so partisan that you can’t admit the obvious, that Republicans passed a tax increase?”

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