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Sorry Media! Guess who’s holding support rallies for Donald Trump; American Sikhs, Muslims

If you are listening to the mainstream media, Muslim Americans wouldn’t support the GOP front-runner Donald Trump nor would another group some mistakenly identify as Muslim — The Sikhs. But they not only support the “tell-it-like-it-is” candidate, they are holding demonstrations for him.

We must remember throughout all this our fight isn’t with each other it’s is the media that hides these nuggets so we aren’t informed of the real truth. Yes, Trump is a businessman, a rich one, but he also relates to the working man and that’s something that has caught the imagination and admiration of many middle-class Americans across the nation.

Trump, over a month ago called for a “temporary ban” on all Muslims coming into  the country until Congress could figure out what was going on. This was on the heels of the San Bernardino shooting where two regular everday Muslims decided to shoot up a Christmas party.

Many in the media turned that into a sound-byte of hatred but those that love this country knew Trump was right. So did the Muslims and Sikhs, who are in this country legally.



“When he talks about Muslims, he does not talk about all Muslims or American Muslims. He spoke in the context of the refugee crisis that was happening in Syria. We (Sikhs) agree with him. Muslim (Americans) agree with him that we should not bring people into this country before we can vet them. And this was a temporary measures proposed by him,” Singh said.

“He is not against minorities. I have even heard that he is not good for India. I believe, he is very good for India. He has businesses in Pune and Mumbai. He understands all these countries and cultures better than any other candidates,” said Singh, who in September led a delegation of Sikh leaders to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Silicon Valley.

“Trump built Tajmahal (Casino) in Atlantic City 25 years ago and brought a piece of India to the US and tried to bring things from India into Taj.”

“So he has a very strong affinity and relationship with India. We should not listen to the spin that is coming from the media,” Singh added.

Their message is strong and very understandable. I trust them before I trust the mainstream media. This message has to get out so it raises awareness these groups also join with millions of true American patriots who want our country safe from illegal immigrants.

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