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South Africa’s White Genocide and Racism in the United States

A few days ago, I wrote an article for another website in which I discussed the growing problem of white genocide in South Africa. The article got some attention and almost immediately, while I had plenty of people who praised the article, there were some who panned it. That’s to be expected because not all people think alike.

SA1But what I found interesting was what was being offered as arguments against the position I held – that blacks in South Africa had decided it was payback time for the previous racist government headed by P.W. Botha, who was the leader of South Africa until 1989. On one hand, my friend on Twitter was saying that there is crime, but it is economically based, not racist. While he did admit that racism is “implicit in both,” the real reason for the problem of crime is economics. I’m assuming he means that blacks are downtrodden because of whites (racism) and have little, therefore they rob because they need.

However, it’s one thing to rob someone of something. It’s quite another thing to break into a white farmer’s home, rape the wife (while forcing the husband/children to watch), beat and/or brutalize everyone, torture them, then finally kill them all. “Necklacing” is sometimes used during these “robberies” as well. This is when a tire filled with gasoline is placed around the victim’s neck, then lit on fire.

Our friend also indicated that 50 blacks are killed every day in South Africa. I repeatedly asked him for sources, but none arrived to my inbox or Twitter. Over time, more of his reasoning came to the fore that resembled aspects of Critical Race Theory (Derrick Bell) and its unproven mechanisms that exploit blacks and create racism against whites and so-called “white privilege.”

The problem though is that there are many websites that track information regarding the murder rates in South Africa, including exactly how many white farmers have been killed over the years. Statistics do not agree, but there may be a reason for that, which has to do, in part, with the fact that the South African government stopped keeping track in 2008 because numbers were so high. But one article from September 2013 notes that “The murder rate in South Africa—already one of the highest crime rate nations in the world—has risen to 45 per day, according to new statistics released by the police in that country.” This should be alarming to everyone.

economicsThe article went onto state, “Farm murders showed an even more alarming picture. In the same period farm murders increased by 34 percent to 68 in 2012/2013, compared to the 50 murders in 2011/2012. Farm attacks increased from 112 cases to 176 cases. Farm attacks in fact are violent crimes against people and not on property. Therefore it can be assumed that many of these attacks are nothing less than attempted murder, which were successfully averted.”

When I pressed our friend about the reason for these “robberies” being economics, his response was again that because of economics, people would kill, even their own. While this may be true, it really doesn’t explain the absolute butchery that is rained down upon white farmers if the blacks that perpetrate these crimes are only seeking to rob and take back what they rightfully believe is theirs – the land.

farmsRegarding land, another interesting factoid is that nearly 4,000 farms have been returned to blacks in South Africa. Look at the image which shows the percentage of farms given back that are currently being used. It is clear – from the facts provided – that the government that has forced this exchange – white farmers giving their land to blacks – is something that blacks were not prepared for owning. In essence, the black government is simply destroying the country and that country’s food source by forcing white farmers to give up land that may have been in the family for generations. I realize that those blacks in South Africa who believe that there is nothing wrong with this since the whites came from other places originally. However, the situation is being exacerbated because one wonders how far back society is to go in order to right all wrongs.

My parents were born in this country. In both cases, their parents (my grandparents) came here from Europe. They did so well after the Civil War. Once they arrived here, they settled in the northern part of the United States. Neither set of grandparents owned slaves. My parents never owned slaves. I never owned slaves. No black person alive today was ever a slave. Yet, we have a growing chorus of voices in the US from the black community demanding reparations for what they say happened to their ancestors.

Slavery was a tragic and indelible mark on America’s history, but I did not share in it. In fact, not even all white people during the time of slavery shared in it. Many helped blacks escape slavery from the south to the north. The Civil War was fought, in large part, because people of the south wanted to secede and form their own United States that would allow them to continue the practice of slavery. They already had their capitol picked out as well.

The issues of racism exist. Ultimately, I believe that people of one race who brutalize those of another do so because of abject hatred. My friend says that racism is “belief in the superiority of one particular race, not the dislike of brutal colonial masters.” He was referring to the same “colonialism” that President Obama referred to with respect to the person he believes to be his father from Kenya.

But a basic belief in the superiority of one race over another isn’t really the full definition. At its root, while it can certainly include the foregoing definition, racism is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.” Because of that hatred, people come to believe they are superior to other races. Because of that, policies are created which favor one race over another. It all stems from hatred or intolerance.

It appears that white genocide is on the rise in South Africa. Interestingly enough, the same thing might be happening in America. Is this why the knock-out game (black on white crime) is either under reported or ignored by mainstream media? Is that why most people have never heard the shocking story of the torture murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom? Is it why a few years ago when “jump whitey” night was all the rage among certain blacks at fairs across the nation, the incidents that were reported rarely mentioned race and generally downplayed everything?

But in South Africa, the black government appears to be doing all it can to take guns away from white farmers. Disarmed people are not only unable to fight the government, but unable to fight intruders. Remember that, America.

The problem becomes larger when we understand that the South African police do not have a special category for farm murders. Beyond this, “On the police’s official website the page titled ‘Farm Attacks` under ‘Crime Prevention’ has been ‘under construction’ for months now, leaving the impression that the police do not regard this category of crime as a seriousness matter.”

All racism is wrong. All murder is wrong. Too many people fear that a huge race war is on the way in South Africa. I see the work of the Global Elite, the same Global Elite that works hard in the US to foment racism, civil strife, and ultimately, a race war for their own ends. What happened in the past was atrociously wrong. What is happening now is just as wrong.

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