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Sponsor Drops NFL Broncos Player Who Kneeled During National Anthem

There are always repercussions to actions and Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall who knelt during the National Anthem joining the protest created by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick felt that today when the Air Academy Federal Credit Union pulled their sponsorship.

Here’s where I stand on the topic of sitting down when the national anthem playing. If that’s what you choose to do you’re well within your first amendment rights but know that you will receive a response you might not be ready for. I would never sit down on the national anthem because I have too much pride in my country and for what it stands.

This credit union as a sponsor of Marshall had to answer to its customers immediately. Just think if they would have had stayed a sponsor of a player who disrespected the nation, they could lose business in a huge way.

Here is the press statement:

Maybe the people playing sports should get paid like the people who fight to give them the right to have the freedom to act this way. Wouldn’t that be fair! Makes me not even want to watch football anymore!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if Marshall cannot stand for the national anthem to pay respect for those who battled and fought for his rights to make millions of dollars playing a game, he deserves to be dropped. If owners and the NFL put up with this disrespect and does not put them out of pro football, they will sour a lot of fans.

Marshall explains his side on why he knelt down during the national anthem:

The American flag stands for your right of freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom to work where you want. Freedom to date or marry someone of your choice. Freedom to protest. So why disrespect the very thing that gives you the freedom and right to do something?

Everyone must remember, this institution is not obligated to support Marshall. He has the freedom to kneel if he wants and this company has the freedom to do whatever they want with their money.

I would like to thank the credit union for standing up for all the men and women that have died protecting our country and our freedom! I just hope more will have the courage to put an end to the disrespect of our history! God bless all of you.

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