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NBA Spurs Coach Losing NBA Playoff Series — He’s Hating On Trump?

San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich is down 0-2 in the NBA Western Conference Championship, and he’s focused on attacking President Trump.

Talk about priorities.

On Monday night during my radio show, I mentioned that Popovich should focus on trying to help his team win then talk about politics on the podium. His team was up by 30 points and lost the game. Last night, the Spurs got blown out by the Golden State Warriors.

Those of us in the political community don’t need to hear stuff like this from an NBA coach who can’t even draw up a game plan to win.


“But to this day I feel like there’s a cloud, a pall, over the whole country, in a paranoid surreal sort of way that’s got nothing to do with the Democrats losing the election.”

He continued, “It’s got to do with the way one individual conducts himself. It’s embarrassing. It’s dangerous to our institutions and what we all stand for and what we expect the country to be. But for this individual, he’s at a game show and everything that happens begins and ends with him, not our people or our country.

Bottom line, stick to your profession and echo chamber, and we’ll stick to ours. Hey, Greg, you can take my advice and start running a lot more screen, and rolls and backdoor passes to help during your next game.

Do you think Popovich should focus on his team and less on slandering Trump? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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