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Stacey Dash RIPS Black Oscar Boycott; plantation goes crazy with these evil tweets!

Fox News contributor spoke her mind earlier today and now she’s facing some of the worst backlash I’ve ever seen. What this says about the ones responding is nobody should be able to question black segregating themselves from whites such as black movie studios, black awards, black television stations, etc. Nobody should question these things and if you do, then we will unleash our fury of hate toward you.

That’s what Dash is getting right now and it’s despicable!

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I appreciate what Leroy tweeted but there were few and far between. Most of the tweets sent over toward Dash were evil and uncalled for.

  I have talked to Stacey a couple of times and I treasure her like a sister. Even thought I know she can take care of herself being from Brooklyn, when I see these things I do angry. Everyone has the right to say what they want to say but when it ends up like this there should be consequences and repercussions. NOTICE: Nobody in the following tweets said she was wrong either:  


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