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Stacey Dash: Trump knows both sides of the game; won’t be puppet for establishment

Fox Contributor Stacey Dash signs on that GOP front-runner Donald Trump is a conservative.  Republicans know Trump is aware of both sides of the game, and he’s anti-establishment, said Dash during her interview on America’s Election Desk.

Dash went on to say some are saying that Trump is not conservative which is not true.

“They’re saying he’s not conservative which is not true.  He’s for strong military, lower taxes, fair trade, immigration, these are  all things that are conservative,” Dash continued.

Check out the rest of this interview here:

What do you think of Dash’s analysis on Trump? Do you agree he’s tough and a strong street fight? Share your comments below on this video and share it with your friends and family.

h/t – Fox News

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