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Standoff Day 3 – FBI responds to militia in Oregon

This is but the beginning.

People are tired of the overreach of the government. Judging by the comments here, most have no clue how many rights they have lost already. Example, did you know you can be arrested for terrorism without any charges filed, and you don’t get to see an attorney nor your family. Indefinitely!

From ABC News:

“The FBI is working with the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and other local and state law enforcement agencies to bring a peaceful resolution to the situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge,” the bureau’s Oregon office said in a statement late Sunday.

Officials added that they would not release many details about the siege “due to safety considerations for both those inside the refuge as well as the law enforcement officers involved.”

Dozens of protesters are believed to be holed up at the visitor’s center for the reserve.

The demonstrators said they took over the building to show solidarity with ranchers Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son Steven, 46, who were facing imprisonment over fires they set on federal land in the area.

As to this case, since when is it legal to convict someone of a charge and the retroactively change the charge and re-arrest them to finish the changed sentence?

Though I don’t support the armed message, I see where our current state of government is pushing people to these type of actions. What is happening to these ranchers is wrong.

They have already spent time for the original sentence that was handed down by a judge, and now they come back and say oh sorry we need to give you more time. Screw that, somebody needs to stand for the small guy getting fleeced by our government

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