State Official Wants Disney to Propagandize for Climate Change

By now, everyone in the free world with daughters and granddaughters, and a lot who don’t, has seen Frozen. The smash success of a film with a soundtrack that won’t leave your head, an overly generic (even for Disney) fill-in-the-blank plot, and an astonishingly horrifying example of poor parental decision-making right at the beginning. Seriously, how could anyone ever think completely ostracizing and isolating two sisters from each other and the world would be for the best, especially when the parents’ unexpected death leaves so many questions unanswered for one of the poor girls who has no idea why she’s been alone for years?

Nevertheless, it has enjoyed enormous popularity. A fact not lost on one government official looking to “educate” impressionable youths with endearment towards the characters.

Robert Papp is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral, former USCG Commandant and now serves as the U.S. Special Representative for the Arctic. His appointment was announced July 16, 2014 by Secretary of State John Kerry.

On a recent trip to Norway he relayed an anecdote about a member of his staff suggesting using the cast of Frozen for “public service announcements” regarding man-caused climate change’s effect on the arctic. Then, during a recent trip to southern California he had a meeting arranged with a Disney executive.

He said that while the response was initially somewhat tepid, he remains engaged with Disney and more has yet to come there. Shouldn’t be too big of a stretch for Disney after making Big Oil the villains in Cars 2.

Video of the event posted by Mediate:

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