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Stephanopoulos used Putin killing journalists allegations to trap Trump but it backfired in worst way!

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos couldn’t name one journalist killed by Putin so what did he do, like all other biased media journalists, tried to change the topic of discussion, but Donald Trump wasn’t having it.

Doesn’t it seem as if Trump is the only person in the USA who can take on the media and not pay the price for doing so? Ted Cruz gets in his shots but they disdain for him speaks volumes when he’s on set. For the media lies and skews the so-called news.

The real news never seems to get published. And the media is going to be lying and bad defending Hillary and using Bernie as a tool.

Here’s a takeaway from the video below on how Trump dealt with Stephanopoulos

“When you say a man has killed reporters I’d like you to prove it. I have never seen any information or any proof that he killed reporters,” Trump told Stephanopoulos.

Watch the interview in it’s entirety:

Did you see the biased reporting that came with this interview? How do you think Trump handled himself? What are your thoughts about the entire interview? Share your comments!


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