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Stomping Mad Mom in Midland

Hello all you newsninja2012 fans. My name is Kathryn Stuard and I am so happy to be on this team. Let me tell you up front that I am not a professional journalist by any stretch. But I am a patriot.
Wayne and I have one thing in common: Mark Levin has called Wayne Patrick Henry, and I am genuinely related to Mr. Henry. So fate has brought us together.
Have any of you heard of Faith Popcorn? She was an 80s and 90s “guru” that could tell the future for companies wooing consumers. She saw trends before anyone else did in retail and lifestyle habits. Not sure what’s happened to her, but I am in touch with her ability to foretell trends.
Back in 2006 I was reading Oprah Magazine and she interviewed Barack Obama.. As I read the article, I had a Faith Popcorn moment. I saw the future. He was going to be in our future. And this country was going to be in real trouble.
And that’s how it all began for this mad mom in Midland. I began to research him and his cronies and sadly everything I feared happening… Is.
From the moment the primaries began in ’07, I prayed that God use me. Please use me somehow to fight the liberal madness that was unfolding. I’m so grateful to Wayne for giving me this opportunity to join the fight and hopefully get to know many of his loyal followers in bringing back our United States of America.
(I’m still mad though)

About Kathryn Stuard

Full time patriot. Mother of five. Wife of best man in the world. I like to play tennis and shoot guns. But not at the same time. Follow me on twitter @westxgal

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