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Stopping a Self-Destruct Sequence

When is good enough not good enough? NOW! The condition our society is in today requires that we bring more than just our “good enough” to the game.  We must bring our “BEST”, because this is not just a game! I love sci-fi shows, especially those that deal with anything in outer-space, (except yucky bloody violent monsters). And I know a self-destruct sequence when I see one.

We are seeing the results of a self-destruct sequence in our society, not just our nation, but society as a whole. Our country seems to be drowning in a sea of debt and illegal immigrants.


Our educational system is so sad and so lacking we can’t keep up with other countries. Our government and so called media are power hungry and out of control.  “Tolerance” is stripping individuals of their rights to their individual beliefs. Abortion kills more people than guns and cars put together! Need I go on?

So what does this self-destruct sequence have to do with bringing our best?  I know it’s only my opinion but, I believe doing and bringing our best is the only way we can reverse the damage! (Along with prayer of course!) Just good enough is not going to cut it any longer. Just showing up to work and doing your job “good enough” is not good enough. Just saying good morning and being polite to those around you is not good enough.

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