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Streep’s Golden Globes Speech Against Trump Cements Divide Between Hollyweird and Working Class!

Hollyweird’s Meryl Streep was the voice tonight that cut America down the middle between celebrity and hard-working Americans.

Streep didn’t mention President-elect Donald Trump by name in her speech, she’s too “classy” for that but she leaned that way and many social media users were split down the center as it usually happens when speeches like this draw a line.

Hollywood has been fighting like dying rats ever since Hillary Clinton got destroyed in November.

Just remember, liberals would rather put someone in office that has lied to the American people, continued to use the same lines for 30 years without a shred of evidence they’ve ever helped minorities when they were elected. Hillary was a flawed criminal candidate and Hollywood actors such as Streep were willing to look past that to elect her.

Streep chose to mention Hollywood, foreigners, and the press. Once again, she along with her cohorts can’t tell the truth about illegal immigration and those who come here illegally to plant their children in this country so they don’t have to leave. To them that’s ok, and to hard-working Americans, it’s not.

Click on the video below to listen to her speech.

If you look at the movies, television shows, the crap these people are putting on TV, it has no morals. It’s deeply troubling to watch their movies anymore because they are pushing liberal values instead of trying to tell a story to entertain us. Remember when Hollywood used to entertain?

Of course, Hollyweird online supporters cheered Streep, they are all liberals working together to destroy the values of America.

Then there are some common sense hard-working middle class who trust President-elect Trump over actors and actresses who continue to get it wrong:

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