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Strong Conservative Senator Tim Scott endorses Marco Rubio after Cruz wins Iowa caucus

Sen. Marco Rubio scored a key endorsement on Tuesday as South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott gave the Republican presidential hopeful his backing.

Rubio continues to rack up prominent endorsements after endorsements while Senator Ted Cruz continues to complain how he’s the outsider and nobody in Washington likes him. NOTE: After what some of this campaign staff did to Dr. Ben Carson in Iowa, and the voter violation mailers, many people are starting to see another side of the Cruz campaign.

In a video posted to Rubio’s Youtube page, Scott said the Republican party has “one shot” to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and “that shot is Marco Rubio.”

“I’m putting my confidence and trust in Marco Rubio because I believe he takes us to that better future,” Scott said. “Marco Rubio understands that, here in America, it’s not about where you start, but where you’re going.

Conservative Talk Radio host Mark Levin won’t like that one bit but let’s see what he has to say during his show later this week.

Now that it’s official, Scott’s endorsement is expected to give Rubio a boost in the crucial state of South Carolina — where GOP frontrunner Donald Trump leads by a huge margin.

Check out the endorsement here:

Scott is one of the state’s most popular politicians — enjoying support from conservatives and moderates alike — and his endorsement coupled with Gowdy’s gives Rubio the backing of two of the most well-respected lawmakers in the state.

What do you think of this endorsement and do you see the walls starting to close on Cruz’s chances to win in the south? 



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