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Struggleville, USA: Decline of the American Family


Many American families are struggling today, but what is the main reason for the drastic decline overall? There are a variety of factors involved that play a major role, especially with those living in poverty. Families are dealing with living in situations that are quite difficult to not only overcome, but to survive and raise their children. They are trying to put food on the table, but also instill values that will help their children grow into responsible adults. As we look into many of these struggling families living in poverty, one factor sticks out like a sore thumb; the father is missing in action.

Families often do many things together and are able to teach their children the important life lessons that will allow them to go on and become independent and responsible individuals. Let’s address what a family is though. A family is a man and a woman bonded together through a covenant of marriage to bear and rear children, to regulate sexuality, to provide mutual care, to create a small home economy of shared production and consumption, and to maintain continuity across the generations. When the father is absent from the picture, the situation takes a drastic turn straight into Struggleville. This neighborhood consists of one major roadblock, the United States Government. Sure, it’s good they’re around to help with providing a safety net and to offer help to those who truly need it, but there comes a time when you have to cut the cord. The problem lies when many are encouraged to continue down the path towards the suburbs of dependency. They no longer respect the much needed helping hand, but now they expect what was promised to them due to their family structure. This has been a steady pattern for many American families experiencing poverty and it causes a domino effect of family structure collapse.

These families living in Struggleville continue to teach harmful values and principles to their children. They are essentially setting them up for failure and on a road that leads only blocks away in the very same town. This place is being held up by toothpicks counted by Dustin Hoffman while taking on winds thrown by Katrina. It is not a stable environment. The other problem is that most residents don’t even realize it. Many were taught to live like this from their parents and then they pass these same values down to the next generation. It is a vicious cycle that continues to repeat itself because of continued encouragement.


The families living in these poverty situations look to the welfare system for the support they need. They look for support from taxpayers. This is a system that on the surface you may not notice, but once you dive in a little you see that it promotes a fatherless environment. Do all families take advantage of American taxpayer money and abuse the system? Of course not, but you have to dig deeper into how many continue to stay in the situation they’re in to truly have your eyes opened. Many are there and stay there because of an absent father. Sadly, many minority families experience this far too often and again it creates a domino effect of family structure collapse. When a working father living in poverty requests section 8 housing or other local welfare means, many times he is turned away. The families are simply told that if the father lives there, they just don’t qualify for any services. This promotes and encourages a family breakdown.

Families will experience many different positives and negatives in their lives, but one of the most crucial negatives has to be doing things alone. Raising children without a father is not always a want, but at times no other options are available. The concern here is not just that we have seen decades of fatherless families, but that it’s encouraged in exchange for a deed in Struggleville. The declining well-being of children in the United States can be attributed to adult irresponsibility toward marriage vows and parenthood. We as a culture are not promoting traditional values any longer. Stable marriages and families are crucial to American society and to the American economy. Many of the families living in Struggleville learned to live how they currently do from the actions of and often missing in action parents. They were taught on the surface and by words never mentioned that living without a father was not only normal, but could actually prove to be better. There is something seriously wrong with this.

This town has many elected officials who continue to stay in office preaching harmful values and unhealthy lifestyles. They know they can remain in power as long as they continue to promote one parent families as a good thing. This is not intended to ridicule all one parent families and say that none of them go on and become quite successful. We know that some do. This is meant to provoke thought and additional research, so that we can find the underlying root causes instead of placing political band-aids where they do not belong. The American family is a beautiful thing. They have the power to do many things, but have been at the mercy of government intrusion for far too long. We have to start promoting traditional family values again. We have to stop contributing to the emasculation of men in our society today. Being a father is one thing, but staying in the picture long-term to raise your children together can help deter so many negatives. Children raised in intact families are less likely to display delinquent or antisocial behavior. They are also less likely to be victimized themselves. Having a man and a woman present in a two parent home provides stability and moral comfort, but allows for the traditional values to truly be absorbed.

Struggleville, U.S.A. is run by a government with less interest on the rise of the American families and more interested in maintaining a permanent voter base. This has to change. Our culture has to change. We must do a better job of celebrating traditional marriage and spend less time on television shows that promote the opposite. When you have shows that openly promote and reward children for having children, this does more harm than good in our society. Far too often we see generation after generation getting stuck in a cycle that is encouraged by people in power. This is ruining American families and destroying our culture. It is setting our children up for failure and teaching them that a government handout is always around the corner in this growing American town.

Struggleville, U.S.A. can be avoided or at least families can escape from there, but they have to want to. It’s going to take real leadership and passionately spoken words to inspire everyone to start rebuilding marriages, families, neighborhoods, and other towns. We have work to do America. Let’s stop promoting this run-down town with one-way tickets handed out. We have to do a much better job as a society of what we promote, market, instill, teach, and share with one another. More importantly, we have to start recognizing the consequences of our actions.

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