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‘Student Of The Year’ Forced From Walking At Graduation Because of Facial Hair!

There has to be more to the story don’t you think? We have a Louisiana teenager who was named ‘Student of the year’ at his high school, unable to take the stage at his graduation ceremony because of — facial hair?

Andrew Jones boldly wore the badge of never having a grade under an “A” during his four years at Amite High School. His aunt Sabrina Davis told ABC7 that Andrew maintained his outstanding grades, excelled at sports, landed a football scholarship at Southeastern with a child at home.

From ABC7:

Andrew proudly donned his cap and gown and headed to the SLU Assembly Center to take his spot on the stage on Wednesday.

The program even had his name on it: Student of the Year.

But school officials took his cap and gown away from him and barred him from the stage. Andrew and a group of students were told they had to shave before they could march across the stage.

Andrew shaved the sides, but chose not to shave the goatee. Because of that, Andrew said he wasn’t allowed to participate in his own graduation.

“They told us the morning of the graduation, but I seen other schools that graduated a couple days before us, and all their students had this and they still graduated,” Andrew said.

For Andrew, the graduation night rules were especially confusing since he said no one made an issue about his facial hair during the entire regular school year.

“I went all four years with it,” Andrew said.

The Amite High principal declined a request by WVUE for an interview, but Superintendent Mark Kolwe told WVUE that he couldn’t answer for what school administrators did previously.

Here’s where the sticky part, there is a school policy in the Tangipahoa Parish school system that male students must be clean shaven before walking the graduation line.

Jones said he was sticking to his beliefs even though he won’t have this chance again at the High School level. What do you think should have happened in this case? Should there have been a waiver for Andrew? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think.

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