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Student thought he could take on police officer until it rained haymakers [VIDEO]

These kids THINK they can take on anybody, but they don’t really know the deal.

The video was shot last October by Chris Marsh in a classroom full of people. As you will see in the video below, a uniformed officer was restraining a student, who appears to be in his mid-teens.

The student tells the officer holding him: “Let me go and I’ll beat your ass up.”

When the boy is released, the altercation continues, with the boy taunting the officer until they stood in each other’s space. The confrontation subsequently exploded into violence, as the cop threw a punch at the teen’s face.

Disrespectful student dodges two haymakers from police officer Click to Tweet

Check out the video below:

I am not saying this should be the norm in the classroom but these kids have to learn, they have to learn.


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