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Student Voted For Trump In School Election; Mom Kicks Him Out Of House [VIDEO]

Oh wow!

The liberal mindset really has gone nuts! This young kid voted for then-GOP nominee Donald Trump in a school election and his mom found out. She then proceeded to kick him out of the house to make a point. The also filmed it and it has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter.

That child was traumatized and those feelings will always be in his heart! How dare she do that to anyone, much less her own child!! God help that child! This nation has issues and the only way to fix them is to come together but to see this happen is out of bounds.

From 100PercentFedUp:

The monster in this video, who is also sadly a mother of a young boy, films herself abusing her son after finding out he voted for Donald Trump at school.

Apparently, she thought it would be clever to videotape herself abusing him and kicking him out of her home. The cries and pleas from this little boy to his “mother” begging her to let him stay are absolutely heartbreaking! Hopefully, this video will help the proper authorities to identify her and help her young son to find a safe and hate-free environment in which to live. This woman is a monster, and no child should ever have to suffer this kind of hateful ignorance. Obama’s legacy of hate and division…check!

“You wanna hmmmm…vote for him? Imma show you! Evan…get your suitcase and get out! We don’t do Donald Trump here. Bye!”

A real mother would not do this to their child! A real mother, loves their children unconditionally no matter what,right or wrong! What a sick excuse of a mother! Hope they take her children away, along with her welfare. She is the one that needs to be put out on the street!

I never thought I would see anything like this. Have you? Leave your comments below.

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