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STUPID! Ignorant Individuals Trying To Compare #AmericanSniper to #ChapelHillShooting

Just when you think some people can’t be any more absurd, they still manage to do so. Who would ever think there is a connection between American hero Chris Kyle in American Sniper and the Chapel Hill shooting Tuesday night?

Well, apparently there are some folks who ignorantly try to make a connection. Abed Ayoub, director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) made the following comments.

It may not be directly linked to the film, but the overall way that Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiment are moving in this country is portrayed in the words of those who watched American Sniper.

But Ayoub isn’t the only one. Dena Takruri of Al Jazeera was one of many who tweeted similar ignorance and absurdity.

It is incredible how absurd this is and unfortunate this is just one of thousands, if not millions, of individuals who have the same type of view. They blame the very men and women who serve this country that fought for their freedom of speech, and it’s a shame their speech is filled with hatred and stupidity.

Chris Kyle did nothing wrong and American Sniper was a very well done piece of work, as claimed by Chris Kyle’s widow and his closest friends who truly knew him. He did his job to serve this country against our enemies, and his haters paint him as a cold-blooded killer. These haters can whine whatever they want about Chris. The fact is they know nothing about him. Taya and those who knew him well tell you that he was a gentle, kind, and very humble man who made the ultimate sacrifice by serving our country.

If those who hate Chris Kyle hate him and the things that represent American exceptionalism, why are they still here? They’re free to move to a 3rd world country in the Middle East if it is SO bad over here. Plus, there is no point in trying to understand these individuals, because if they’re not grateful for Chris Kyle or the movie American Sniper, chances are they’re not grateful for anything else in life. I have heard some absurd connections before, but trying to relate a heroic movie to the Chapel Hill shooting is a ridiculous comment.

About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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