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Sununu vs. Andrea Mitchell Part 2: On Romney Remarks: “You’re Missing The Big Story”

Former Gov. John Sununu takes Andrea Mitchell to task, saying Mitt Romney’s comments were “in response to a president who has decided to run a campaign on class warfare.”

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Sununu: “My take is that you’re missing the big story which is this is in response to a president, the first president in my lifetime, whose decided to run a campaign on class warfare, it’s Obama who has opened up the class warfare issue he attacks success, he says we need to get a hold of more money out of the rich and he condemns those who succeeded with “you didn’t build it.” And Mitt Romney quantifies this, the constituency that Obama has been pandering to both in policy and language as 47/47 and all of a sudden you guys make that the story. The story is we have a president, who in his primary against Hilary Clinton made race a divider, and she said ‘shame on you Obama’ and his race against Mitt Romney, is trying to make class warfare a divider. And you ought to be saying, ‘shame on you Obama.'”

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