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SUTTON: A Grieving Father Can Still be a Misinformed, Gun-Grabbing Stooge

Andy Parker is the father of Alison Parker, the reporter who was murdered along with her cameraman by a deranged former colleague. Their deaths were a terrible tragedy carried out by a leftwing all-star, now it’s a political prop for gun control, because the left has no self-awareness, no shame, and never let a crisis go to waste. Of course anti-second amendment advocates are more than willing to use a sacred cow as cover.

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Bloomberg’s people are all about putting him on a soapbox and exploiting his tragedy, as evidenced by yet another mailer sent to me by Everytown for Gun Stupidity which contained this quote from Mr. Parker:

I’m not gonna let this issue drop. Next week it isn’t going to be a story anymore, and everybody’s going to forget it. But you mark my words… I’m gonna do something, whatever it takes, to get gun legislation, to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something about closing loopholes in background checks and making sure crazy people don’t get guns.

His batting average is about .000 for hitting on anything pertinent to his daughter’s killing, but Andy Parker is vowing to not rest until some intangible objective in gun control measures have been met. Actually, the objective isn’t intangible at all, progressives just don’t dare utter it aloud. Total dissolution of private firearm ownership.


You always think there’s a tipping point. We always thought that when Gabby was shot, something would happen; with Sandy Hook, something would happen; with Aurora, something would happen, and it never did.

He’s seemingly unaware that both Colorado and Connecticut passed knee-jerk gun laws. Or he was expecting a nationwide outcry for restrictions to our inherent right to self defense. (By the way, this is the same debate with the fourth amendment and the NSA. You cannot be in favor of gun control and opposed to bulk collection or vice-versa without contradicting yourself.)

What is particularly maddening about Mr. Parker is his refusal to discuss his daughter’s  actual murderer, focusing rather on regulatory measures that would have done nothing to prevent her death. Flanagan passed a background check and was a racial/sexual identity lunatic out for maximum impact. But even personal tragedy can’t interrupt a narrative. Then there’s this quote, which is frankly amazing:

They messed with the wrong family.

They? Who’s they? Second amendment advocates and the NRA? They messed with your family? Your daughter’s life was horrifically cut short by a rainbow panther and you’re directing your rage at people who were in no way involved. They messed with your family? And big surprise, leftists are more than happy to use you to expand their control over us all.

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