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SUTTON: Lady Liberty Has Left the Building

I have to apologize because writing has been a little hard lately. Not that there has been any shortage of topics, because there definitely hasn’t been. Rather, it’s getting a little harder everyday to even get out of bed in the morning. We on the right have known for a little while now what playing for the Cubs must feel like. It’s almost like, why bother?

With rare exception where I honestly can’t explain what comes over me, I don’t concern myself with the left anymore and I wish more would do the same. For reasons that escape me you might very well enjoy shouting at a wall but I find no appeal in the relentless back and forth with an opponent that is deaf, dumb, and blind to your most herculean efforts and despite any amount of perseverance will ultimately end in defeat. However, you frequently encounter similar frustrating denial talking to the right. Too many are still holding out for just one more election, one more vote in Congress, one more Supreme Court ruling. It’s never going to happen, people! You’re looking for a cure to spontaneously emerge from the cancer patient’s own body.

Put the deck chair down and get on the lifeboat.

This will be uncomfortable to hear but there’s not much point in being a patriot anymore. Be honest with yourself. What is there, at present, to be proud about? Freedom? What freedom? We are the land of speech codes, forced religious acceptance, gun control, blanket surveillance, and endless regulation. Independence? Seriously? With our entitlement dependencies and slavery by debt? Patriotic loyalty is to an idea that doesn’t exist in reality. The American flag doesn’t represent an existing nation, but rather the fading echo of one. By every conceivable metric we’re screwed. Try to dispute that without using a platitude. An ugly truth we might not like to admit is that we were very likely already screwed before Obama ever took office, he just made sure there would be no turning back.

Despite signs to the contrary like Twitchy, there are no gotcha moments with the left because that would require the ability to feel shame. They don’t care. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, and defraud with impunity. Doesn’t anyone remember just a two years ago Obama was using scandal to deflect away from scandal? He weathered the storm just fine. How is that even possible? Because hypocrisy is a means to an end for them and they’re all on the same page. Calling them on their fallacious reasoning or blatant dishonesty in meaningless. Rape culture and patriarchy is an issue of utmost concern but not in the third world migrant voting bloc where most rape occurs. Occupy left a swath of property destruction, theft, and assaults both physical and sexual. Doesn’t matter. They don’t care about their double standards. Quit wasting your breath.

The major problem is we haven’t been handling the left appropriately up to this point. We’ve treated them like a debate opponent when we should’ve have treated them like the radical, religious doomsday cult that they are. The primary difference between leftism and radical Islam is that radical Islam doesn’t have the body count that leftism does. The secondary difference is that radical Islam doesn’t have the smug superiority complex either. Yet it’s with the latter that we acted with a multi-billion dollar military campaign and an Orwellian domestic surveillance system that, spoiler alert, the left will use on us when we’re officially a one party nation.

You can’t defeat the left, you have to starve it. It’s a parasite. That’s why they push everything to the federal and global level, so there’s no escape. If you engage them it doesn’t matter what for they just use the proximity to latch on. They use lies and ridiculous commentary like an angler fish uses its lure. To call them out is to take the bait. You must purge them from every facet of your life possible. Without its host the parasite will consume itself. Detroit is a small scale example of this. That is what will ultimately happen regardless. The only question is will we be spectators of their violent suicidal end or will it happen over our desiccated remains?

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About John Sutton

Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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