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SUTTON: Let’s Have an Uncomfortable Conversation About Gay Marriage

It may come as a shock to many Christians around the nation that they played a part in the nationwide legalization of gay marriage. Namely, making it a legal matter to begin with. For Christians, the argument is that God, not the government, defined marriage and therefore government cannot redefine marriage. A fair point, and one that a decent person would contend with honestly rather than dismiss out of hand. That is until Christians used government to define marriage first.

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This is a textbook case of the insidiousness of progressivism. Yes, many libertarians are non-believers and socially liberal, but libertarian philosophy is essential to preserve religious liberty. The power wielded to delegitimize gay marriage in the 90’s was ultimately used to do the opposite. This point cannot be overstated and hopefully, although doubtfully, the lesson has been learned.

This is why you do not get in bed with the government.

June 7 Big Government

What did people think was going to happen? Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas and all that. Over the course of the last century, we’ve faced an ever-growing push to seek our solutions through government action, the antithesis of what we we’re supposed to do. Many churches, especially the older and more established ones like Catholics, Presbyterians, and Baptists fell into this trap. Social causes and morality issues became calls for imperatives, mandates, regulations, and laws.

In our fervor, we forgot that government wants to be the god of everyone subjected to it. Marriage is good and holy and pure. The government is a necessary evil. This is what our Nation’s founders understood, and what we’re forgetting with increasing speed. They deliberated for a long time about what select few instances to give this monster authority. Sure, you can argue that some things were missed or unforeseen, but these are the exception, not the rule. The rule is authority granted is authority waiting to be abused.

While the Defense of Marriage Act epitomizes this misguided line of thinking, you can also find it in places like our tax code. Taxes should serve one purpose, to fund our necessary evil. That we ever started to penalize or reward actions through taxes or tax breaks was, once again, progressivism’s creeping death. Why are there tax incentives to be married, or anything else? Put simply, we incentivized marriage financially and then banned it for some people using government power, what did we expect? Marriage is a religious ceremony, a contract with God as much as it is with the other person. It isn’t a vital demonstration of love. An irreligious person should have no interest in marriage at all. It was evangelicals that saw to it that that wasn’t the case, ironically doing so by consorting with the devil. This outcome was inevitable.

I can already hear the “neo-con” wing of the right arguing about the societal benefits of incentivizing. True, some behaviors are beneficial to society, others are detrimental. It still doesn’t mean the state should get involved. Good should not immediately translate into mandatory, just as bad shouldn’t immediately be banned.

Remember that progressives functionally do not believe that religious practices should be legal. They talk of this “wall of separation between church and state”, forgetting that this wall is supposed to protect the church from the state as much as it is meant to protect the state from the church. If you believe that religious practice should be kept out of any public setting but your political philosophy gradually brings everything under the tent of state control then by proxy you believe in banning religious practice.

Evil exists. Evil seeks to rip the fabric of humanity apart. Evil works its way in and sows destruction. It will always find a way into the hearts of man. These things are true. We shouldn’t be doing its work for it. Christians lost the right to say that government can’t redefine marriage because government officially defined marriage under DOMA. It was Christians who gave the government permission.

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