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SUTTON: Salma Hayek is Proof that there are Dumb Blondes in Mexico

Salma Hayek, one-time illegal immigrant and star of such films as… Desperado (1995) I guess, recently gave an interview in promotion of her latest movie. The conversation turned to Donald Trump, because of course it did. She had some very not nice, and predictable, things to say, but also refused to actually utter his name because she didn’t want him to be able to use it for publicity. Only in Hollywood, where a name is currency, could a person fail to see how that would backfire.

The Mexican community may be upset that I wasn’t saying something … but I refuse to utter his name and allow him to use me for self-promotion.

To take this stance one has to take Trump’s words out of context, or in this particular instance, misrepresent what he said altogether. Whatever his flaws what Trump said was a factual statement. But of course, to the left it’s racism because to the left all Mexicans are the same because they categorize people by their skin color and not their actions.

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You just hate it because you can't dispute it.
You just hate it because you can’t dispute it.

Then, in the all too familiar tone she brought up that she believed Trump’s now infamous comments could be turned to a positive by highlighting the hidden underbelly of racial discrimination in this country.

We have not, as Americans, grasped the level, the size, of the problem of discrimination in this country. We have been living a lie, pretending we’re a country that no longer discriminates.

Yes, because no one is throwing the race card around. Celebrity-level epic facepalm. Hollywood (lack of reality) combined with leftism (lack of self-awareness) makes for one deadly stupid combination.

Case in point:

America is not a beauty pageant. America is not a reality show. The reality of America and the world is tougher.

Two obvious digs at Trump, who must not be named lest he use it for publicity. Umm, Salma, sweetie. Hate to bring this up but, yeah. Sorry, hun, but with your “assets” it can never be that hard.

Pictured: the two reasons anyone knows who Salma Hayek is.
Pictured: the two, ok, three reasons anyone knows who Salma Hayek is.

This all begs the question, if racism is so awful here why come to this county at all? Why did Salma come here? With her chest and her looks she could have done very well in Mexico as a weathergirl or game show sidekick.

But if what he said was untrue and unfair, if you could actually take his quote to mean that all Mexicans are criminals and rapists. There’s a way to prove him wrong and throw it in his face. As a bonus, it’s right up your alley, Salma. It is both something you have done before and it requires acting.

Here’s what I propose. Fly down to Mexico City. Take one of the best Hollywood makeup artists with you. Have them do a real number on your face so you’re still beautiful but unrecognizable. Then, with no money and few possessions, attempt to make your way back across the border as a desperate migrant worker. What are the odds you’ll be able to make it without being raped? I mean, it’s not a concern, right? There aren’t any mostly white frat houses along the way so it should prove to be a sexual assault-free trip. Right?

What do you think? Is it a fair question/challenge? Be sure to leave your comments below and don’t forget to share.

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