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Coulter: It Will Deplete Our Country If We Keep Doing These Wars

Ann Coulter joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night to talk about the Syrian Airstrike and how things are not fitting like a glove in her opinion.

Many Trump supporters are still confused about the Commander-in-chief’s decision to attack an airbase in Syria after his campaign promise not to do this. Coulter is holding Trump at his word, and I can understand that. I also understand how Trump was probably informed by the generals around him to make this happen based on the “intelligence they were given.”

Coulter voiced her strong opinion in the interview below:

“It will deplete this country if we keep doing these wars and I’d also point out as I do in today’s column it’s always destroyed [U.S.] presidents and it’s never helped the country we claim we’re trying to help.”

Watch the interview here:

You will probably wonder why I quoted “intelligence they were given.” It’s because the same intelligence agencies that gave the Trump admin this info is the same ones trying to take him down any time they get a chance.

I have questions too, and that doesn’t make me a Trump hater. I support the man I voted for, but I won’t be bullied into following along like a sheep either.

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