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Syrian Refugee Mostafa Hassoun Thanks President Trump For Sending U.S. Airstrikes [VIDEO]

On Saturday morning, Fox & Friends interviewed Syrian refugee Mostafa Hassoun, who said he was thankful for President Trump attacking Syria with airstrikes.

He left Syria in 2011 at the age of 17 before arriving in the United States two years ago.

Hassoun was disappointed when Barack Obama backed off from his red line but praised Trump for not repeating the same thing.

“But Mr. Donald Trump he didn’t do that.”

When asked about his friends and family in Syria, he said they were all happy about the president’s action.

“Two days ago when Mr. Donald Trump start that in Syria, all the people were happy and all the people inside Syria was happy about what he did. Its really awesome and it’s really amazing and I wish Mr. Donald Trump continue doing that. To kick Assad out so I can go back home.”

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Hassoun said he hopes to return home soon and see them again.

The full video clip from Fox News Insider is below.

While he praised Trump, others were in disagreement about the airstrikes. I have read some comments from liberals unhappy with him not bringing in more Syrian refugees.

Others within the Republican Party were split on the airstrikes as well. Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee criticized the lack of congressional authorization, while other senators praised the attack.

Whether or not someone agrees with the decision to send airstrikes, everyone can agree Assad is an evil and despicable human being.

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