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BEHNA: 3 Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Endorse Donald Trump


With Donald Trump being the likely GOP nominee, there are those who are endorsing him, and there are others who stand for conservative principles, refusing to support a candidate who has held leftist policies his entire life. But with that said, some are now wanting to know whether former rival …

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RESULTS IN: Ted Cruz Dominates Wyoming Caucus! #CruzCrew

ted cruz

NBC News has reported that had absolutely overlapped the field in the Wyoming Caucus with 68% support. came in second with 21% and Donald Trump finishing third at 8%. So of the 12 delegates awarded today, Cruz was given 9 delegates. Out of the 12 delegates up for grabs today in …

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ITS OFFICIAL! Glenn Beck Endorses @TedCruz For President! #CruzCrew

ted cruz

Today at an Iowa rally, conservative Glenn Beck of TheBlaze has announced his presidential endorsement for Senator . BREAKING: @GlennBeck formally endorses @TedCruz for president while campaigning with him in Iowa. — TheBlazeNOW (@TheBlazeNOW) January 23, 2016 I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz to become the first Hispanic president! @tedcruz …

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Hillary Clinton is about to get some bad news

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.19.47 AM

ABC News reports that an adviser to Vice-President Joe Biden says there is a “90% chance” Biden will jump into the 2016 Presidential race. With a faltering Hillary Clinton, a lot of Democratic support just might flow his way. Biden inspired in part by his late son, has been holding …

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An Irishman’s Plea to ALL the Candidates Running in 2016


The race for the White House has officially started. The start of election season is like Spring Training in baseball – everyone is excited, hopeful, optimistic and everyone thinks they can win. This election could be historic for many reasons, but one thing I doubt anyone could argue against is …

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Media Defanged – The Trump Effect


Isn’t it amazing what a politician can do when he doesn’t have to care about sucking up to wealthy donors or the news media? By relying on his own wealth to fund his campaign, Donald Trump has effectively muted the media’s control over some important conversations this country desperately needs …

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Hillary Clinton Hates Late Term Abortion Ban Because She Hates Babies

Hillary pointing finger

Hillary Clinton hates babies. That’s right, the darling of the left, the heir to the Clinton crown, is coming out HARD against…babies. You see, democrats like Clinton use anti-baby terms like ‘women’s health’, ‘reproductive healthcare’, and ‘choice’ so that the non-baby-hating crowd doesn’t know what they’re really saying to the …

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5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Can’t Be President…Debunked!

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Ted Cruz, my pick for 2016, threw his hat in the race for president on Monday and he is already receiving flack. Attacks from both those on the left and the right claim that Cruz is a hypocrite, not qualified, inexperienced and crazy. One of the most principled and honest politicians in Washington, Cruz is no Barack Obama, no …

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The High Cost of A Failed Presidency


When Rush Limbaugh famously said that he hoped Obama failed, this wasn’t what he meant. Rush hoped, as did I, that Obama would fail to enact the policies he campaigned on because, as we both correctly understood, these policies would be harmful to America and to the rest of the …

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If Not Now, When?


Sen. Ted Cruz was right when he told the Values Voters Summit in 2013 that “The greatest trick the Left has ever played is to convince conservatives that we cannot win”. Even back in the Carter years we kept being told that a Conservative candidate just couldn’t win, and that …

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At This Point What Difference Does It Make?


No I am not quoting Hillary Clinton, I am posing the question. News of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server spread like wildfire across the news and social media yesterday. Naturally Republicans took immediate notice as did Democrats, most likely for the same reason. While there are some on both sides …

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WOW! Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Likely To Run In 2016

rand paul good

Although Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have not officially declared their presidential runs for 2016, everything says they very well are. Doug Stafford, an aide to Paul, said “unless Kelly says no, he’s running.” Kelly is the wife of Rand Paul. On the other hand, an advisor to Ted Cruz …

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Hillary talks about whether or not to run for president in 2016

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 7.21.28 PM

During a CNN townhall-style interview, Hillary Clinton promoted her new book “Hard Choices” and answered a series of questions from the audience as well as online submissions. Of course the question of whether r not she would run for president in 2016 was bound to come up. Here was her …

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