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Mom’s Lessons: MoneyFesto


We all have memories from our childhood and some of the things I heard a lot as a kid, yet tried so hard not to say to my boys when I had my own family included “We can’t afford that” and “Do you think money grows on trees?” First of …

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Happy #NoMoreCheDay!

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The Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) organization has declared today No More Che Day. Thank you! Che Guevara, for those of you don’t know, was a sick, twisted, homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist Communist leader that helped Fidel Castro destroy Cuban freedom and murder millions of others. Che’s actions as a “revolutionary …

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The Environmentalists Are Back!


What…the…? I’ve given up on humanity. The people who believe in this idea, in this notion, that government can fix things, and fix a problem that isn’t even a problem, is just unbelievable. It was a hub for nature hippies last weekend with two events in New York City, Climate March and Flood …

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Countries with the most economic freedom in 2014


The Heritage Foundation conducts research every year to determine the level of economic freedom across the globe and publishes their findings as an Index of Economic Freedom. The 2014 Index covers 186 countries in six regions and ranks them on a scale ranging from “free,” “mostly free,” “moderately free,” “mostly …

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Yes! Let’s Fix Income Inequality!


As many of you, I, too, suffered through our nation’s State Of The Union address – this president’s fifth. Aside from that I can barely tolerate the sound of his voice any longer (cuz all I hear is lie lie lie), I listened with contempt as our fearless leader, King …

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Very Well Laid Out: Milton Freidman: Socialism vs Capitalism


Mr. Friedman is the kind of man who should be listened to today. He tells the pure truth that no one, I mean no one, no historian, no politician can dispute. Read history, and you will see..even if you read histories from different perspectives and different times you will still …

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