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CNN now debunks Obama attempt to paint Romney a Felon

Four sources say that Mitt Romney left in middle of February of 1999. They insist they were required by law to leave Romney’s name on company while it was going through changes to split up the company. Mind you CNN spoke to 1 Republican and 3 Democrats which agreed that …

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Wolf Blitzer Praises Romney for NAACP Visit – Scolds Obama? New CNN??

Hey, one Presidential candidate cared enough about the African-American vote to show up to the NAACP’s annual convention in this election year. Too bad it wasn’t the Democrat. Wolf Blitzer delivered a scolding to Barack Obama for skipping the convention, especially after Mitt Romney’s standing-in-the-lion’s-den speech reaffirming his commitment to …

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Poll: Romney Claims 51-43 percent in ‘Battleground’ States

President Obama remains marginally ahead of Mitt Romney in a new national CNN/ORC International poll released on Monday, although Romney leads Obama in the 15 states identified by the network as battleground states. Obama leads Romney nationally, 49 percent to 46 percent, with 4 percent of those surveyed saying they …

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NAACP looks to rid Texas of Lottery – Says it Targets Poor People

“It’s an addiction,” chapter President Juanita Wallace said. “Many, many people have actually spent all their money in hope of getting out of a situation, when in fact, they’re getting themselves into a worse situation.” She said one man she knew died last week without health insurance. “He had an …

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Flashback 2007: Senator Obama Criticized President Bush For Trying To ‘Hide Behind’ Executive Privilege | Double Standard Again!!

Once again, something that Bush was criticized for by then Senator Barack Obama is championed by Obama’s actions during his tenure as POTUS. Wednesday morning, the White House has invoked executive privilege over disputed documents regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the botched gun-running operation that has Attorney General Eric Holder …

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Fmr President Bill Clinton praises Romney

During an interview last night on CNN, former President Bill Clinton completely undermined President Obama’s campaign strategy of attacking Mitt Romney and his record as a businessman and governor. Clinton praised Romney’s “sterling business career” which is sure to raise eyebrows and have phones ringing this morning. Maybe the Sunday …

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