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BEHNA: ABSURD! Twitter Users Attack Conservatives Over #ChelseaExplosion


You’ve heard of the saying “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel. Well the case over the bombing that took place in Chelsea, New York is the latest example of this, as liberals wasted no time attacking conservatives. Conservatives literally cannot fathom an explosion …

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Governor Rick Perry steps aside from GOP presidential race

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The longest-serving governor in Texas history told a group of conservative activists in St. Louis that “some things have become clear” and he was suspending his campaign. I like Perry. But if he knows he can’t win I’m glad he will throw his efforts behind another good candidate. He did …

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Could Someone Define “Too Conservative”?

Liberty University

Texas Senator Ted Cruz certainly livened up the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary race by being the first major candidate out of the gate. Predictably the mainstream media along with the left wing of the Republican Party attacked, dismissed, maligned, and otherwise wrote off Cruz as being everything but a child …

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 6 Conservative Things I Want For 2015


Because it is New Year’s Eve, it’s only appropriate to tell you the 6 conservative things I want for 2015. 1) Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker announce presidential run These 3 candidates in order are my top 3 preferences I have for the 2016 Presidential Election. They’re all …

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The Conservative American Crisis


Thomas Paine famously wrote in The American Crisis, “How easy it is to abuse truth and language, when men, by habitual wickedness, have learned to set justice at defiance”. In condemning the King of England, Paine continued, “amongst the various assumptions of character, which hypocrisy has taught, and men have practiced, there …

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REPLACE HIM! 4 Solid Reasons To Replace Boehner As Speaker!

john bohner good

There are at least 4 reasons why John Boehner needs to step away from his Speaker of the House position and just get out of politics: 1) He’s no conservative From this new CR Omnibus bill Boehner has rammed through the House, the $1.1 Trillion price tag has now added …

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How Liberal Media is Picking the 2016 Republican Candidates


If you ask any conservative Republican, very few would say that Mitt Romney should run for the presidency again in 2016. However, CNN would like you to believe that their poll of “Republicans” puts Romney in a significant lead over other potential contenders. Because no self-respecting conservative or Republican would …

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Backed Into The Red Corner?


Sometimes it’s worrisome to wonder if conservatives have squandered an opportunity these last six years. This midterm election cycle was an even bigger success than 2010. But was it simply a repudiation of Obama and his policies, or the philosophy of big government solutions in general? It can be easily forgotten that Obama is …

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The Philosophy Of The Democratic Party


George Orwell perfectly summarized the logic and philosophy behind the Democratic party of today when he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four. It is imperative to remember why the Democratic party apparatus must continue its assault on the truth. Orwell notes: “the party would announce that two and two made five, and you would …

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Obamanomics Has Made Us Weak

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The U.S. will become the world’s number two economy, falling behind China soon. That’s right, a semi-communist nation that holds a one-child policy and disrespects basic human rights has surpassed the greatest nation on Earth. China’s purchasing power by the end of 2014 will be 16.48 % while the U.S. …

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[VIDEO] The “Hood Conservative” Talks Truth About Hurt Slaves

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It takes courage to speak out about your personal beliefs, no matter who you are. Whether you write, do video blogging, give speeches or just have conversations with others, when you share your personal beliefs and convictions with others, it takes courage. Sadly, in many cases it takes an extraordinary …

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How do we beat the liberals? Cause they are winning.

obama romney

I’m a person that doesn’t blindly follow anyone, or any cause. I like to believe that I am a critical thinker, though many would disagree with me. When looking at a situation, I examine the facts and only then form my own opinion. This carries over to most areas of my life, …

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Red, Right & True w/Elly Maye: My Take on Benghazi


Democrats have been saying some nasty things in regards to Benghazi-gate. It saddens me to see grown adults acting this way and worries me for the future of our country, especially with it being in the hands of people who still point the finger at Bush. I don’t think people …

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