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Tag Archives: Donald Trump

DAILY CALLER: Obama Admin Sabotaged The Trump Transition!

The Daily Caller just reported how the Barack Obama administration sabotaged the Trump Transition team with allegations and spying. The more I read about how the Obama team sabotaged the Trump transition team; I am left with this question, why aren’t these criminals being prosecuted. The Daily Caller brought out …

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Judge Napolitano Gives Breakdown On Latest Sessions/Russia Allegations!

In an attempt to remove the glitter from President Trump’s joint address to Congress, Democrats are going after AG Jeff Sessions. Once again, Russia and the Trump Administration allegations have reared its head through Democrats trying to sully the legitimacy of Pres. Trump. Democrats keep coming up short in this …

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President Trump CPAC 2017 Speech – Keeping His Word

First President since Ronald Reagan to address CPAC in his first year of office! In today’s speech at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference, President Donald J. Trump vows to deliver on the promises made to the American people.  From building the wall to tax reform and repealing Obamacare, he pledges to …

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Oh, There’s Trouble In Sweden! President Trump Was Right! [VIDEO]

Why is it when President Donald Trump tells the truth about something happening overseas, our media turns on him like he’s clueless then the truth is exposed? Is it about time Americans got their news somewhere else don’t you think? President Trump was challenged about this knowledge after his speech …

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