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Donald Trump wishes Dr Ben Carson well but not sure on timeline

Here is Donald Trump on “Face the Nation” today where he subtly went after Dr. Ben Carson over the multiple questions be raised about Carson’s past statements and his personal biography. Trump said, “I hope it works out well for Ben,” but “I just don’t know.” Trump mentioned the litany of …

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GOP frontrunners Donald Trump, Ben Carson get Secret Service details

Here’s the deal. Both Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are the outsiders in this Presidential field. Both have been straightforward in how they think and how they are delivering ways of fixing America.  Some Americans just aren’t happy with them and have decided to use their sick mental states …

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RLC2014: Presidential Straw Poll Results – Ted Cruz Wins

Senator Ted Cruz won the Republican Leadership Conference straw poll with just over 30% of the vote. Coming in at a close second was Dr. Ben Carson with 29.38% and third was Senator Rand Paul at a distant 10.43%. A total of 633 ballots were cast which, according to event organizer Ali …

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Dr. Ben Carson talks about the principles of healthcare reform

In a new television ad for the Save Our Healthcare Project, Dr. Ben Carson lays out what he calls “first principles”. It is by these principles that he believes we can fix our healthcare system. He believes that before people will accept the concept of free-market solutions to replace the disastrous Obamacare, they must …

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