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What?! President Obama’s EPA Now Cracking Down On Airplane Emissions

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Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is at it again. What is their next victim? Airplanes. As early as Friday, the EPA will announce new regulations to cut down emissions from airplanes, in the name of man-made “climate change.” As if we don’t already have enough environmental regulations, the argument from environmentalists …

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NOT SO FAST! Bill to Stop EPA Water Grab Passes House


Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador (R) backed a bill that would force the EPA to stop it’s water grab “rule”…. WASHINGTON, D.C. – A measure forcing the Obama Administration to withdraw its “waters of the United States” rule cleared the House Tuesday on a bipartisan 261-155 vote. Labrador is an original cosponsor …

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PODCAST: Tim Begalka (SD) & Bill Walker (AK) Discuss Federal Overreach


South Dakota Senator Tim Begalka and Alaska gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker join Charles Kacprowicz, Sandy Toth, Mike Coons, Kelli Gordon and Michael Toups at the Round Table to discuss how federal overreach is affecting their states. Explore the resource war, the life-threatening EPA restrictions on how Americans can heat their …

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