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Liberal media bias has a new face and thy name is Stephanopoulos


George Stephanopoulos, an ABC News anchor,  will not moderate a Republican presidential debate next winter, part of the fallout after revelations that the network’s top political anchor contributed $75,000 over a three-year period to the Clinton Foundation. It’s amazing how liberals are forever getting caught in their hypocrisy. George is a …

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Back To The Future 1992: Will The GOP Ever Learn?


It would seem to me that the Grand Old Party is not one that turns to its history for instruction on how to be successful in the future. As of about 1:30 PM EST on January 6th, the Republican Establishment moved one step closer to creating the same kind of turmoil …

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Socialist Bernie Sanders Blames Bush for ISIS

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Self-described “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders (I-VT) attacked former President George W. Bush on Sunday, blaming his administration for the rise of ISIS, the Washington Times reports. “This is an enormously complicated issue. We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush-Cheney era, which got us into this …

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WAARadio Podcast The Conservative Cauldron 10/3/14


For anyone who missed last Friday’s Conservative Cauldron broadcast, there was quite a lot to cover. First up, President Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes” on Sept. 28. The President stated that the administration “underestimated” the threat of the terrorist organization, and implied that somehow the intelligence community had dropped the ball. …

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A Tale of Two Presidents: Each Faces Crisis, One Leads


Whether or not you support Barack Obama, most agree the President can deliver a speech. During these moments, he sounds confident, reflecting a leader who is intelligent, compassionate, and likable. Add a subject about which Obama feels passionately, and the recipe is complete, resulting in the uncanny ability to influence, …

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Eric Holder extorts Bank of America, and it is their own damn fault


The latest example of Attorney General Eric Holder’s bank extortion is the case of Bank of America, where he and his big government thugs are using taxpayer money to require the bank to pay billions of dollars for doing what the government told them to do. A must-read editorial at IBD explains …

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Democrat Betrayal of the Black Community


Over the Independence Day weekend last month, there had been a lot of conversations on the Founding Fathers and the birth of this great nation. Everyone knows about the sacrifices made in the Revolutionary War and the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Yorktown and the Saratoga campaign. Many marvel at …

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Poll Shock! Obama less competent than George Bush


With President Obama’s approval rating still deep underwater, a new survey from Fox News finds that Americans generally think George W. Bush ran a more “competent” administration. In the survey, a 48 percent plurality said Bush’s White House was more competent, while 42 percent picked Obama’s. At the same time, fully two-thirds …

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Why Do They Do It? Inbreeding? Maybe

Michael Smith

Mr. Smith has stimulated the mind once again and I have wondered about those in the media and their friends, why do they do it?  Now it may be just simply inbreeding and that explains why their family trees have no branches.  But Mr. Smith has a better reason.  More …

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‘Next Bush’ makes campaign filing in Texas


George P. Bush, a nephew of former President George W. Bush and son of one-time Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, has made a campaign filing in Texas that is required of candidates planning to run for state office, an official said Thursday night. The younger Bush, a Fort Worth resident, filed …

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Glenn Back is Furious! Attacks George W. Bush and Justice Roberts on Show

Beck promoted the upcoming FreePAC event, saying that today’s result just furthered his frustration with regular conservative groups. He told listeners that he was sick of going to CPAC where he can speak out against progressives, get applause from the crowds, and then be betrayed by the “cowards” in charge …

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