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RESULTS IN: Ted Cruz Dominates Wyoming Caucus! #CruzCrew

ted cruz

NBC News has reported that had absolutely overlapped the field in the Wyoming Caucus with 68% support. came in second with 21% and Donald Trump finishing third at 8%. So of the 12 delegates awarded today, Cruz was given 9 delegates. Out of the 12 delegates up for grabs today in …

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PATHETIC! Twitter Users Attack Carly Fiorina For Endorsing Ted Cruz #CruzCrew

carly fiorina good image

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate earned a huge endorsement today from Carly Fiorina. While there were a lot of gracious responses, there were also those who attacked her for it. @CarlyFiorina slut.. — Oasis Gallagher (@LoveYouOasis) March 9, 2016 @CarlyFiorina @justttsomeguyyy shut up Carly. You're nauseating. — Jack Dane (@johnd8256) …

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