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The REAL War on Women has been raging for decades


  There is a war on women. This is the new centerpiece mantra of the left. And somehow we, the American people, are to believe that the GOP hates women so much that they want to ‘enslave’ them, and that the only way out of ‘slavery’ — is to vote Democrat?  …

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Did the Other Pink Sneaker Drop?

What has she stepped in?

Dallas Morning News reported today that Democrat candidate for Governor of Texas, Wendy Davis supports “open carry”. Wait. Wait. This is the same woman that filibusters against reasonable limits to abortion. So in her world it’s all right to kill a baby after 20 weeks. Wow! In her world I …

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Conservative Women: Beating The Odds

Erika Harold

The Left loves to portray Republicans as the “Old White Guy” Party, and that they are engaged in a “war on women”. This is amusing, coming from the same people who attacked Sarah Palin on everything from her wardrobe and looks, to making sure the American people saw her as …

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Who Died and Made This Man-Child King? By Kathryn Stuard


The mainstream media is dead. That’s why you come to newsninja2012 to get the real news. From people just like you. We aren’t professional journalists. Most of us are moms and dads. s, business owners. We ARE you. But here’s the deal. We need you to share our stories and …

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Oil and Gas 101 by Kathryn Stuard


Can you imagine borrowing millions of dollars for a risky investment that has no guarantee of return? And doing that several times a year? That’s what the independent oil and gas producer does constantly. Daily. Hourly. All the while being vilified in the media and by politicians day in and …

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Talking ‘Bout a Revolution

Wow newsninja2012 fans…. Are you seeing what’s happening in DC? Are you perhaps participating? If you are seeing it, it’s certainly not on the mainstream media. You’re seeing it on twitter or . You may be checking out The Blaze or Breitbart. It’s not even really being covered by Fox. …

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Where Are We Headed


  The Republican Party and more importantly American Conservatives are at a crossroads. A few points need to be made here. The United States could never have gotten itself into the dire financial, cultural, international, educational or economic situation we are in at the hands of one political party. Recent …

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It’s the Inclusion, Stupid – The RNC and it’s Outreach

RNC - Desperately Seeking Voters

You may be scratching your head wondering if I meant to reference the more familiar saying, ‘it’s the economy stupid’.  No, it was not a typo, and unfortunately for the RNC, a GA candidate for US Senate may make the inclusion phrase a little too familiar by the end of …

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MSNBC Gregory interviews Colin Powell who accuses GOP of Racism

MSNBC Gregory interviews Colin Powell who accuses GOP of Racism

Once again, liberal media will get a hating minority democratic or a Republican in Name Only to discuss the state of the Republican Party. Today was no different with Colin Powell sitting in the dunce seat of slave baiting. Let us remember that Colin Powell voted with the Democratic Party …

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Take That Bill Clinton – Obama Ends Welfare Reform As We Know It


Remember, this legislation was successful because it was bipartisan but it was successful. It made people go back to work before they could claim any welfare benefits if they were not able to work. This afternoon, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released an official policy directive …

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