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SUTTON: A Grieving Father Can Still be a Misinformed, Gun-Grabbing Stooge


Andy Parker is the father of Alison Parker, the reporter who was murdered along with her cameraman by a deranged former colleague. Their deaths were a terrible tragedy carried out by a leftwing all-star, now it’s a political prop for gun control, because the left has no self-awareness, no shame, and never let a crisis go …

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BEHNA: GOOD GRIEF! Latest Tweets Of NRA-Bashing Over #Antioch Shooting

M&R Photography

On Wednesday there was a shooting that took place at a movie theater in Antioch, Tennessee. That didn’t stop liberals from once again blaming the NRA, not the individual gunman. #Antioch NO MORE PRAYERS….Do something. #Gunsense #momsdemand #Everytown @NRA — Sharon Chabot (@nhdogmom) August 5, 2015 Planned Parenthood isn't …

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Popular Uber service says no to gunowners

Uber says no

Brilliant. Uber owns no cars, expects its drivers to provide all the equipment and liability for driving, and now expects to control their drivers’ actions in their own vehicles. The multi-billion dollar ride service Uber has reportedly banned both its drivers and passengers from carrying firearms during rides. Uber made the …

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The DOJ to Coerce Police to Gun Control


Breitbart is informing that the unwillingness for local police to disarm citizens is the main thrust for the Federalization of Police. DOJ measures point to despair to prime the Federalization bubble politics of Obama: 1.8.1 ACTION ITEM: The Federal Government should create a Law Enforcement Diversity Initiative designed to help …

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More Like Everytown For Gun Stupidity


I still have no idea how I ever ended up on Every Town for Gun Safety’s (note the strategic use of safety instead of control) mailing list. For months now it seems like every time I’m about to put them in my junk mail they send me some high quality entertainment …

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A Tale of Two Ideologies

Wedding cake

A gay couple wants to exercise their right to marry, and contact a local bakery to order a wedding cake. The Bakery is owned by a Christian couple whose beliefs would not allow them to be a part of a gay wedding, so they politely decline to provide the couple …

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WHAT?! Bryant Gumbel Blasts NRA Members as “Pigs”!

unnamed (10)

Real Sports anchor Bryant Gumbel said in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year that NRA members are “pigs”. He went on to say how the NRA is a “curse upon the American landscape” and that they do not care about human life. Mr. Gumbel received backlash over his …

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More Gun Control? Yes, Now Is The Time To Have That Conversation

wiki commons

As Islamic terror attacks continue to unfold in France, it would be wise for us to take stock of the big picture. We know that Islamic radicals are planning and executing terror attacks against the West, and MI5 officials have warned that large, bloody attacks are imminent. We also know …

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WOW! The Most Absurd Anti-Gun Tweets, Debunked

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Here are some of the most uninformed gun control tweets from social media I have come across, and why they’re all false. U can STOP calling yourself "prolife" when all u ever do is cut food-aid/healthcare, execute inmates, block gun control, & send kids to war. — Path2Enlightenment (@Path2Enlighten) February …

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Columnist: “Repeal The Stupid Second Amendment”


As Americans are busy buying guns at a pretty rapid pace and the majority express support for gun rights in this country, a column in the Wisconsin Gazette by Tom H. Hastings is calling for the repeal of the “stupid Second Amendment”.  Although the idea of repeal is a refreshing …

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Gun control group suggests controversial PSA is a right wing conspiracy

Screenshot (2)

A controversial “public service video” that has gone viral has elicited a strong reaction from second amendment advocates, as well as gun control advocates, who have gone so far as to suggest that the video is a conspiracy designed to make gun-grabbers look bad. Additionally, the North Oakland Community Charter School …

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Call By APD To Report Gun Enthusiasts!

apd acevedo

This police chief in Austin is calling for citizens to inform the law if we are gun enthusiasts? Granted, kept in context, I get what he is saying. However, doesn’t this sound more and more to you like the Hitler era? Soon they’ll be turning in their neighbors and people will …

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Obama poses as boxer to assure supporters that he will fight Congress

Obama via Organizing for Action

In an email to supporters of the unprecedented progressive non-profit group, Organizing for Action, Constitutional scholar President Obama makes it clear that Congress will not get in the way of “making real change for the American people.” Praising the Obama advocacy group using a curiously-worded phrase, he says their efforts have “redefined how …

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SHAMEFUL! Gun Control Activists Politicize Marysville Shooting

M&R Photography

Friday morning, freshman Jaylen Fryberg open fired at Marysville-Pilchuck High School (MPHS), killing one and injuring 3 others before taking his own life. However, gun control activists wasted no time advocating more gun restrictions, attacking the NRA, and going after Wayne LaPierre. Here is a sample list of tweets: Has …

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4 Unique self-defense weapons that will drive feminazis crazy


The feminazis in this country take issue with a women’s right to defend herself and have a completely unrealistic worldview. From supporting anti-gun legislation to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals” (while also making it more difficult for women to protect themselves and their families), to being outraged …

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Beware! Everytown For Gun Safety Lists 2014 Campaign Endorsements

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Say it isn’t so! Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group, Everytown For Gun Safety, is on the move again. This time, they’re campaigning and endorsing numerous candidates for the 2014 midterm elections. For the first time, Everytown has created a list of endorsements for politicians on the state and …

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Ray Rice Let Off The Hook, Shaneen Allen Punished

ray rice

As the video of Ray Rice punching her wife has been revealed, it turns out the same judge and prosecutor who agreed to have him avoid jail time, is going after a single mother of 2 who has no previous criminal background. Last year, Shaneen Allen was pulled over for …

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Liberals KNOW gun control doesn’t work


It’s frightening to think that ideology and idealism trumps facts in the mind of an anti-gun liberal. Many liberals realize that gun control leaves families defenseless and does not stop crime, yet they continue to push for it. Watch the video below where, in their own words, Oregon lawmakers and …

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African warning on Gun free zones

africa massacre

Ladies and gentlemen, the dangers of gun-free zones are very real. Sure, this is in Africa, and I bet you think that this could never happen in America. Right? [twitter-follow username=”arodomus”] Well, I’m certain that every devoured sheep felt the same way. That is until the wolves came out to …

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The Twilight (Zone) of America


Imagine if you will… A nation where an obscene number of violent criminal offenders, already in said nation illegally, are unceremoniously released back into the populace. Not the populace of their own country, here. Meanwhile, one of that nation’s own that served his nation faithfully is left in custody in another nation for what …

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Angry liberal poopie head alert!

guns special stupid

You know the saying keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Well, I’m a firm believer in that methodology. As such I read the Gothamist, Huffpo, and other publications like those. I find this is a useful method in knowing what the enemy is up to. When I encounter …

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Behind Enemy Lines: Self defense in NYC.

home defense

For most of my life, I have been unarmed. I do live in NYC after all, a place where the victim mentality runs strong. Gun rights have no place here, so I’ve always relied on my hands and my mind to survive. However, as I walked towards the subway this …

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Something Good Out Of Tragedies

Ft Hood Main Gate

Recent tragedies have led some to try and prevent them for happening again.  At least maybe not the way these tragedies have happened recently.  After the attacks of 11 September 2001 that were conducted on the Nation by hijackers aboard aircraft, the Federal Government instructed air carriers to reenforce the …

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