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A personal secession: part one

Before starting this, take some time to surf the web a bit. Go browse the comments at HuffPo, Salon, the Daily Kos and the like. Then head over to and search a few hashtags that aren’t exactly flattering to any of our sensibilities. You’re sure to find more than a …

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Harvey Weinstein: An Inconvenient Idiot by Kathryn Stuard

Mr.Weinstein, Obama’s top fundraiser and wealthy movie producer announced on Howard Stern’s radio show, says that he plans to make a movie that “will make the NRA wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.” In the interview, Mr. Weinstein appears to be nothing short of a dolt. He stated …

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Who Died and Made This Man-Child King? By Kathryn Stuard

The mainstream media is dead. That’s why you come to newsninja2012 to get the real news. From people just like you. We aren’t professional journalists. Most of us are moms and dads. s, business owners. We ARE you. But here’s the deal. We need you to share our stories and …

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Tragic Shooting in Sparks Nevada, Liberals Jump the Gun Again

Yesterday morning it was reported that a shooting took place at a school in Sparks, Nevada. Math teacher Michael Landsberry – who attempted to stop the shooting – was killed, while two 12-year-old male students were wounded but are reported to be in stable condition. It is still very early in the …

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Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal. For 6 years I for one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing …

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“Blazing Saddles”, Mongo and Tyranny: How I See Things

  More and more lately I feel like Mongo in that hilarious movie. My guess, dear newsninja2012 readers, is that you do too. I would venture the Washington progressives see us in the same light. Mongo was a big old lumbering fellow and appeared to be none too bright at …

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